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An Auto A/C systems consist of a freon gas that acts as a heat exchanger. First you take the Freon gas, and place it into a sealed system. Freon gas in various forms is still the main gas that makes an A/C system function. Your car A/C compressor is a component that pressurizes the Freon gas and causes circulation. Gas is pressurized to create a high pressure and low pressure environment. The gas is condensed into a “liquid” state in which it collects heat from inside your car. As the liquid is forced through an orifice it is vaporized and become very cold very quickly as it loses pressure. Your car has both a condenser and an evaporator. A condenser removes heat that was collected by the Freon gas and likewise the evaporator becomes extremely cold. As air moves over the evaporator, which is very cold, it cools the air in the cab of your car keeping it nice and cool. The main cause for failure of auto air conditioning system is Freon gas leaks. Over time seals, hoses and connectors, which keep your car a/c system “sealed”, wear out causing leaks. Most typical attempt to repair is to add Freon gas. This is not a repair but actually can cause more damage. Any time an a/c system is low on Freon gas it is due to a leak. Freon gas does not “go bad” or “dissipate”. As long as your system has the correct amount of Freon gas it should cool unless there are other mechanical problems with the compressor, orifice or dryer. Eagle Transmission Auto Service center located in Colleyville TX. has the trained staff and state of the art equipment to keep you” cool in your auto” on hot summer days. Hot summer days are close "Don't Delay"!




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