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Transmission Common Q & A:


Q: My transmission is shifting hard, what could be wrong?

A: The problem you are experiencing could be a faulty sensor or solenoid. This can be checked with diagnostic equipment at no charge to you, and in most cases they are relatively inexpensive to repair.

Q: My transmission will not shift, it feels like its stuck in 2nd gear, what could be wrong?

A: Today's transmissions are computer controlled. The problem you are having could be caused by multiple things, it could be a transmission problem, it could be a sensor or solenoid problem, or it could be something wrong with the electrical system in the car. The only true way to find out is to perform a diagnosis on the vehicle. The diagnosis will point us into the right direction to determine the problem and how much it will cost to correct.

Q: I think my transmission is slipping, I mash on the gas and it just does not seem to want to go. It feels like I have a trailer behind me. What could be wrong?

A: The problem you are experiencing could be several different things and may not even be the transmission. Your vehicle could have a plugged fuel filter, a plugged Catalytic Converter, or a faulty sensor or solenoid or even something as simple as a blow fuse. That is why we offer a free initial diagnosis to determine the real problem with your vehicle and correct this problem as cost effectively as possible.

Q: There is a reddish fluid underneath my vehicle , is that transmission fluid?

A: It is entirely possible that the fluid you are seeing is transmission fluid, but it could also be something else. Today's vehicles use multiple colored antifreeze and power steering fluids. A portion of these are almost the exact same color as transmission fluid. So what your are seeing could be any of the above. The only for sure way to determine if it is transmission fluid is by visual inspection. We would be happy to take a look at your vehicle to determine what kind of fluid your vehicle is leaking and once we have made that determination, we will be more than happy to estimate the cost to repair the leak, weather it be transmission fluid or other.




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