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Great place! The folks are friendly and ready to help even when they are super busy. My wife and I found them on the internet and stopped by to ask about a problem towing a U-Haul trailer. They were concerned about our problem and helped us get back on the road. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks a lot. Darrell H

Customer Review 5 star

I've been using Eagle for all my vehicle repairs for several years and there is good reason for my loyalty. David and his staff fix the problem right the first time and give me straight honest answers if I have a question. Over the last 8 years, they have fixed brakes, A/C, ball joints, as well as performing maintenance items such as changing transmission and fuel filters. It's great to have a relationship with an auto repair shop that you can trust. David remembers my name as well as my vehicles. There have been times he has told me that my truck or van didn't need a repair and has always kept his word regarding warranty and service. Henry

Customer Review 5 star

Excellence, Honesty and integrity! That’s Eagle Transmission and Automotive Repair in Colleyville, Texas. Dave, the owner, has proven himself and his business to my family not once but twice. I’ll share the first story with you here. Not yet knowing about Eagle Transmission and Automotive Repair, my wife wanted to take her Toyota into a dealership for one of those 27-point inspections. Well, I said okay. We took the car into a local Toyota dealership and later that day came out with a written maintenance report stating that the car badly needed a complete brake job. The report stated the brakes had only about a millimeter of brake-pad left before they were into the metal rotors. And we all know that’s a bad thing. Being that my wife and I like to get second opinions, we looked up alternative repair shops on the internet. We came across Eagle Transmission and Automotive Repair in Colleyville. They had great reviews! And a lot of them! So the next day I called Eagle and spoke to none other than Dave, the owner. Dave was very kind on the phone and told me to bring the car on up and he’d have a look at it. We drove the short distance to Eagle and met Dave. He took the time to explain his policy of using quality parts and standing by his work. We left the car at Eagle with the expectation of receiving a phone call later that day telling us, yes, we needed brakes and this is how much it will cost for the repairs. To our delight, however, Dave called us back within the hour stating that “no, you don’t need brakes, they’re just fine”. I said really? Dave explained that the brakes were almost like new. Yes, almost like new! He told me they had thoroughly inspected them, adjusted them, cleaned them up a bit, and the car checks out just fine. Wow! I expected to pay for a brake job. But Dave and his crew at Eagle Transmission and Automotive Repair showed me how they do business‚Ķwith Excellence, Honesty, and Integrity! No repair bill! A Toyota dealership was planning on soaking me for a repair that my car did not need! My wife and I were thrilled! That just doesn’t happen in the real world, we thought. But it does happen at Eagle Transmission and Automotive Repair! Thanks a million Dave!
Your loyal customers,
Dave & Linda M. Customer Review 5 star


I have dealt with David twice now and these guys are great. The first time David found the problem and called me before he proceded with the repair and told me exactly how much it will cost.. The second time, my car broke down and they fixed it quickly and came and picked it up. I was treated the same was, they found the problem, told me how much it costs and asked if he wanted me to proceed with the repair. I have someone I can trust to fix my car now, when I am in need. these guys are in my permanent book for repairs. Chuck Customer Review 5 star

Eagle Transmissions gave me professional, kind, and quick service. They were very straightforward, and they really got my family out of a tight spot with their quick service. I can't thank them enough, or recommend them enough. I give them Five Stars and Two Thumbs up! If you need repair work, they are the place to go! E. S. Customer Review 5 star

EXCEPTIONAL!!! We had signs of transmission problems, they spent a day diagnosing, called the dealer about the part that was bad, and it was in RECALL! Toyota told Eagle that we could bring the car in and they would fix it for free. Eagle was HAPPY with this great news, and DIDN'T CHARGE US for all the diagnostic labor!! They treated us like a friend or family who they helped. I cannot express how GRATEFUL we were, as we were being hit with sever medical problems / bills for our daughter at that time. They saved us. Again, I cannot express how great and kind they are. A Google user Customer Review 5 star


I recently took my 2003 GS300 in for what I was almost sure was a transmission problem. The car was shifting very weird and accelerating painfully slow. I was very pleased when at the end of the day they told me that it was definitely not a transmission issue. They said they did not yet know what the problem was but if I left it with them another day they would get it figured out. As it turns out the issue was a dirty Mass Airflow Sensor. I can't tell you how relieved I was. I am very thankful for the guys at Eagle Colleyville. They have definitely won my trust. Google user Customer Review 5 star


No Stress! No Fuss! I had a compressor replaced in my vehicle over a year ago and it turned out to be a defective part. I called Eagle and they got right on it. They called the Manufacturer and got it replaced. Eagle is professional and they are dilligent in getting you the best answers, products & prices. David goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. Thanks Eagle!! Google user Customer Review 5 star





We offer a wide variety of services including: Transmission Repair, Transmission Services, A/C Services, Differentials, Axles, Brakes Bearings, Water pumps and more. Eagle Transmission has been providing quality Transmission & Auto repair for our 30 years. Give us a Call Today.!

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